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Case Study

Companion animal overpopulation crisis in Los Angeles. Stray animals, abandoned animals, and as a consequence; cruelty to animals.

Challenges & Research
The primary challenge appeared to be a lack of basic information, there is also no simple connector to the existing resources to help people understand the reasons for sterilizing their pets, and help inform the public to take measures that could decrease the number of companion animals that enter our shelters, and the number of dogs and cats roaming the streets without a home.

The questions that we felt needed to be answered in an effective and creative way were: Why to sterilize your animal, how and where to get it done, why to adopt a new pet from a local shelter instead of a pet store, what kind of pets you can adopt from shelters, and how certain actions are considered cruelty to animals.

Back to the basics. The marketing campaign had three primary messages: spay and neuter education, adopting animals from local shelters, and anti-cruelty. A series of posters were created and first distributed in targeted areas of the city to increase awareness, educate and provide a resource. The posters were printed in English and Spanish.

An informative campaign in the neighborhood funded by the neighborhood. The campaign was funded by neighborhood council resources that were allocated to posters on display in their respective communities throughout the City of Los Angeles. Each district could claim responsibility for sharing the messages to their own communities.



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