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Supporters Address Fate of Roaming Felines in Los Angeles

In the lobby of FixNation's state-of-the-art veterinary clinic, founder Mark Dodge announced that close to 25,000 cats had been sterilized to date, reducing the number of homeless cats in the greater Los Angeles region by millions. FixNation was presented with a certificate of recognition by city council member Richard Alarcon and joined by Telemundo anchorwoman and spokesperson Ericka Pino and Best Friends Program Manager Elizabeth Oreck. FixNation is the only full-time sterilization clinic in California providing free spay and neuter services for feral (wild and stray) cats, which are returned to their colony and looked after by caregivers.

Dodge acknowledged the East Valley Outreach Project, which promotes the spay/neuter program via neighborhood canvassing and dissemination of bilingual materials highlighting the importance of sterilization and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program, the process of humanely trapping stray cats, sterilizing and returning them back into their colony. Pino communicated her address in Spanish, advising viewers to learn about the free and accessible services that FixNation provides.

Started in 2001 by Alley Cat Allies, National Feral Cat Day has become a way to highlight the significant population of feral and stray cats, and the humane approaches to helping them.

"A sterilized population of cats is a stabilized population," said Dodge. "Since the launch of our East Valley Outreach Project, our clinic intake numbers have doubled, we know that people are starting to see a difference not only in their neighborhoods, but most importantly in the number of relinquished cats at the animal shelter in the area."

In addition to easing overcrowded animal shelters with unwanted litters of cats, animal welfare organizations like Best Friends is committed to demonstrating the effectiveness of TNR, and support changes in public policy so that TNR universally becomes the sanctioned and government-funded approach to homeless cat management.

"To support the goal of no more homeless cats, Best Friends believes in a comprehensive overpopulation strategy, of which a key component is to allow TNR to save community money," added Dodge.

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