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Martha Stewart Visits Polar Bears and Explores Climate Change with Polar Bears International

Churchill, Manitoba Canada (November, 2010)

Martha Stewart has said that she dreamt of seeing polar bears in their natural habitat for many years. She fulfilled that dream in the fall of 2010, and delved into the real life-threatening issues that polar bears face due to climate change. Polar Bears International (PBI) welcomed Martha Stewart Living Productions to Churchill, Manitoba for "polar bear season" and connected Martha to polar bear researchers and climate scientists Andy DeRocher, Steven Amstrup and Gavin Schmidt.

Martha documented her trip to the northern tip of the Hudson Bay daily through social media channels, and additionally captured terrific photographs that were aired on several Martha Stewart Living episodes.

Watch Martha’s passion for the polar bear, and her compelling interviews about the state of the threatened polar bear in the following clips from Martha Stewart Living:

Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4




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