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PetSmart Charities Celebrates In Style with a Party for the Pets!

Celebrities, Mr. Blackwell, Dominick Dunne and NBC’s “Deal or No Deal” Beauties Make a Deal and Help PetSmart Charities Raise Matching Funds

PetSmart Charities celebrated a Party for the Pets with an announcement to give the Los Angeles area $14 million, the largest philanthropic gift ever made to any community for pet overpopulation programs. The celebrity-packed event took place at the Hancock Park estate of Carol Wior, Slimsuit® swimwear designer. Wior's Italian-designed villa was the perfect lush setting for an afternoon of mingling with celebrities, a live auction, and entertainment that kept the crowd laughing one minute, and moved to tears the next.

"Many 'top dog' and 'cat's meow' celebrities and guests who share a love of animals helped PetSmart Charities raise matching funds for Los Angeles spay and neuter programs," said the day's honoree and two-time academy award nominee, Carol Connors.

Connors and some of her famous friends including Kate Linder, Charlene Tilton, Fred Willard, Suzan Hughes and Dominick Dunne celebrated together at the sensational party to support Los Angeles pets.

Leyla Milani and five of NBC's "Deal or No Deal" briefcase wielders made a deal to support PetSmart Charities. They helped showcase the animals up for adoption (thanks to Much Love Animal Rescue), and raised the heat throughout the shady poolside extravaganza.

The afternoon's highlights included live entertainment by Connors, who unveiled her original song "Unconditional Love, Unconditionally." Donning a full-body cat suit, Connors shared the path behind the song; which was a tribute to her M, the Wonder cat, written just after her fifth Emmy nomination for the music to "Bob Hope Presents: Morris the Cat Salutes America's Pets." Joining Connors on the infamous "To Know Him is to Love Him," written for her by Phil Spector, was Florence La Rue (The Fifth Dimension).

Mr. Blackwell, the veteran style watcher, was among guests, and surely made notes on the outlandish pet-themed outfits worn by Connors and Barbara Lazaroff. Flanking the Elvis Presley impersonator during one of many comical party moments, were Connors and Linda Thompson – the real-life first and last loves of the legendary Elvis Presley.

PetSmart Charities creates and supports programs that save the lives of homeless pets and raises awareness of animal welfare issues. Since 1994, PetSmart Charities has donated more than $52 million to animal welfare agencies and, through its in-store adoption programs, has helped save the lives of more than three million pets.




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